1. Shower with HOT water.

    • Hot water will expand your pores to promote ridding your skin daily oxidation

  2. Remove any unwanted body hair.

    • If you plan to wax, please do so 8 hours prior to appointment

  3. Exfoliate using a loofa or scrub brush.

    • A loofa or brush will remove dead skin cells & promote the growth of healthy new skin

    • Using a salt scrub or microbead product will enhance the exfoliation process

  4. Avoid applying any products after you’ve prepped your skin.

    1. This includes lotion, deodorant, perfume, etc.

Prepping your skin is a very important factor to achieve a beautiful & natural looking tan. Clearing the body of dead skin cells, daily oxidation and avoiding any products that will interfere with the application and tan development is key!


Illusions offers a pH balancing prep solution that rids the body of daily toxins. Think of it like a shower in a bottle. This solution is a great alternative when time is limited for the suggested prep process listed above.