National Don't Fry Day

As the summer season kicks off, it's important to remember sun protection. The National Council is helping implement by designating the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend as National "Don't Fry Day"

Let's be real, soaking up some sunshine feels great! 
To ensure you are taking steps to protect yourself, read a few tips below.

My tips:

  1. Take sunblock - not tanning oil...
    Apply once every two hours at the least
    Minimum of SPF 30
    Make sure it is a broad spectrum lotion as this protects against both UVA & UVB sun rays
    By doing so, you can be assured you are protecting yourself against cancer causing rays and receice anti-aging benefits - yes please!
  2. Wear shades
    Sunglasses that protect your eyes will be labeled "UV absorption up to 400 nm"
    Get wild and wear those huge frames - they are protecting you!
  3. Bring a hat
    Fully brimmed hats will protect eyes, face, and ears where early aging is most noticeable
  4. Stay hydrated
    Always have a water bottle on hand. Always!

Women's Health Week

Today kicks off "National Women's Health Week"

May 8th - 14th

Our bodies are powerhouses! Just think of all those not-nice things we do to it; like weekly pizza indulgences, wine, taking care of others before ourselves, etc.

This week, take a moment a consider what changes are needed to implement improved health and wellness & the priority it truly is!

& one particularly exciting trend

The acceptance of imperfection!


Lena Dunham

Jen Gotch


The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet

Stuff Mom Never Told Me

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Melanoma Monday

The month of May is dedicated skin cancer detection and prevention. Although life threatening, Skin Cancer is easily preventable. It starts with simple skin smart steps. Start today!

Did you know, Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States? Lets all work toward changing the statistics!


Go on, get naked.
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